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2017-04-20 01:34 am
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Arashi - unknown + Treasure of life + Round and Round Lyric (Kanji + Romaji)

Hi guys! Last time I posted lyric for Power of the Paradise single and this time I want to share Arashi's new single lyric :D
I won't post the 'I'll be there' lyric though because I know someone else already posted it so I'll post the other 3 lyrics only. I got the kanji lyrics from Mojim but all the romajis are edited by myself (and converted from kanji using a Japanese converter). I don't know if there are any mistakes because I'm not fluent in Japanese so forgive me if there's any mistake.

As usual, if you want to repost the kanji lyrics, please credit Mojim and if you repost the romaji lyrics, please credit me :)

unknown (ROMAJI + KANJI) )

Treasure of life (ROMAJI+KANJI) )

Round and Round (ROMAJI + KANJI) )

Kanji lyrics credit to Mojim.com

What is your favorite song on the single? My favorite one is unknown. I'll be there is catchy but I think unknown touches me more XD
Treasure of life is good too and I need time to get used to Round and Round because I still got confused with the tune LOL